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Our Artists: Meet the Artists



Brian Wasarhaley received a BFA from Stonybrook University, NY. During his final year at Stonybrook, he began working at the Joel Meisner & Company Fine Art Bronze Casting Foundry.  Brian had the pleasure to work with many distinguished artists such as, Frederick Hart, Yoko Ono, Joel Perlman, Arbit Blatas among many others. During his 39 year career, Brian used his talents to work alongside the artists casting at the foundry collaborating at times to support and implement their vision in bronze and other mediums. Today, Brian is fulfilling his personal desire of creating unique sculptures of his own.

He creates vibrant and powerful welded steel sculptures 

in abstract and figurative ways that not only are beautiful but when lit from an angle create shadows adding to the dimension of his works.



Works on Canvas

Dylan Morris Steinberg is an up and coming artist currently based in New York and Boston. His work disciplines include collage, photography and experimental abstracts.  

Dylan is currently a student at Northeastern University studying Design. His works display an affinity for text and typography. His passion and knowledge for Packaging design, 3D design, and Experimental 5D design resonate in his pieces. 

Some of his works have been shown in the New York City, Art Expo 2018 and the School of Visual arts exhibition, America. One of his more controversial works Pompous Power supports the rights of women. 

Guesta expo.jpg



Born in Quobdo Choco Columbia,  Jhon Cuesta work reflects the critical and social situation accompanied by the dystopian satire in which we live in a country like Columbia.

Jhon grew up  in a society afraid of the truth, afraid to express their feelings and thoughts. His work depicts experiences, customs, habits, abuse and hostility.  He expresses his thoughts and feelings from deep within his soul.  The images are that of figurative abstract loaded with volume, color and figures to show strength and rebellion.  

"Each blank canvas for me is a space to show dissent but also the opportunity to say that we are full of hope, love and happiness people."


Mixed Media

Cais – pronounced (CASE) is the alias of an underground New York based graffiti artist. 

He is also known by “SQ” and "5one.”

Pop art is a movement that was born in the 1950's, an art form highlighting iconic American life.  The well known artists of this genre such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquait and Roy Lichetnstein are the main influencers behind Casis' creations.  He uses modern and traditional techniques of combining oils and acrylics, silkscreens and spray paints to create multi dimensional, multi textural experiences in his artwork.  



Paintings and Sculpture

Billy the Artist (also known as BTA) is an internationally renowned artist whose studio is based in the East Village of New York City.  Billy's work is beloved by both the collector and the corporate communities.   

From galleries around the world to custom designs for some of the largest global brands such as Swatch, Mountaind Dew, Hyundai, Suzuki, Gibson, and MTV, BTA's paintings, designs, and murals are seen and enjoyed world wide. BTA also does epic live painting events around the world including painting a 40 foot mural live in front of 30,000 people with 300 foot projections of his work adorning the walls of Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy during the Venice Biennale.

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