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 Mixed Media

Cais – (pronounced "case") is the alias of an underground New York-based graffiti artist; He is also known by “SQ” and 5one.”His unique interpretation of figures in pop culture has been inspired by the great pop artists who laid the groundwork before him. 


Techniques mastered by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquiat, and Roy Lichtenstein can be seen in his works.  Cais’ use of oils and acrylics alongside classic silkscreens and spray paints give a layered one of a kind look to all his works.


Being the child of immigrant parents who had to go to multiple countries to finally be able to call America their home, he has always valued the American way and pays tribute to that through most of his artwork.  This is most apparent in his Liberty Series which has been his most recognizable work.

His themes are inspired from all corners of pop culture including music, movies, politics, sports, and fashion.  Anonymity has been important to the artists as he does not enjoy the limelight.  That is why most of his work has been reserved from commissioned assignments for high profile clients.  However, Cais has permitted his work to be enjoyed by the public via showings in select galleries for two decades now.  The art market has changed and now permits artists to remain hidden while still permitting their work to be enjoyed by larger number.  Now is the time for Cais to become a more available name and highly collected.

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