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Dylan Morris

Mixed Media

Dylan Morris Steinberg is an up and coming artist is based in New York and Boston. His work disciplines include collage, photography, and experimental abstracts.  

Dylan is currently a student at Northeastern University studying Design. His works display an affinity for text and typography. His passion and knowledge for packaging design, 3D design, and Experimental 5D design resonate in his pieces. 

Dylan's works have been shown in New York City, Art Expo 2018, and the School of Visual Arts Exhibition, America. One of his more controversial works Pompous Power supports the rights of women.  Most recently, Dylan's work was shown at ChopperChunky Gallery as part of a collaboration with Marc Craig, a UK based artist who primarily works on large scale murals.

"I like to ask questions. I create work inspired by current social problems, politics and the social phenomenon's that my friends and I find ourselves in. Texture and Text go together for me. I have a passion for using text to mimic the illusion of texture in my work. I experiment with tar and butcher paper, tires, unprimed, and primed canvas to form thought-provoking content. The objective is to make them question what they are looking at. People need to ask questions. Through my art I hope to inspire questions."

Figure Studies


"Done Talking"

The exhibition is called "Done Talking" and we are letting the work speak for itself. The work revolves reflect situations in my life and what could have been said or done in the moment but wasn't.  

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